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If you have ever been stuck without use of your plumbing system, you know just how frustrating it can be. So do we, which is why we pride ourselves on being dependable, professional, and innovative. We will find solutions to your plumbing problems and take them seriously, whether you are dealing with a slight drop in water pressure or if you cannot use your sinks or tubs at all.

Our customer service is what makes us the right choice for your plumbing repairs in Mira Mesa, San Diego, CA. Give us a call to schedule plumbing services in Mira Mesa. Ask about free estimates for new installations and our flat rate pricing.

Mira Mesa Plumbing Services

You cannot afford to waste any time. It’s not worth it to let a plumbing repair get any worse, even if it seems like a small issue. We are happy to help with plumbing services for drains, valves, sink faucets, water heaters, water treatment systems, pipes and much more. We offer complete repiping services for water lines and drains. We also provide plumbing installation, and our plumbers are friendly and dependable with any visit.

Our Drain and Sewer Repair and Maintenance Equipment

One of the reasons to hire a professional plumber over a general contractor or handyman is the equipment we keep on hand. We don’t just have a basic drain snake or auger. We also carry the tools for drain repair and sewer services such as removing tree roots from pipes. For drain cleaning, we have video pipe inspection equipment, motorized augers for clogged drains, and hydro jetting for drain and sewer cleaning, ensuring the job always goes smoothly.

We Provide Water Heater Services

Water heater repair is not a DIY project you can knock out in weekend. Attempting to repair a water heater on your own could be dangerous. And even if you follow all of the proper safety procedures, you may end up with a leaky or broken water heater in the end. Why not call professionals to do it right the first time? We install and service tankless water heaters, solar water heaters, and conventional systems. Our water heater installation stand the test of time, as do our repairs.

Finding the Best Water Treatment Systems

Your family deserves clean, healthy drinking water, and you may assume they already have it. But the water that comes up through the pipes is not always the safest, and a pitcher with a filter in the fridge is not a great solution either. Call the plumber to find the best water treatment system for your home. We install UV water purifiers, reverse osmosis systems, and whole house water filtration systems to clean water throughout your pipes.

Commercial Plumbing Installation and Service in Mira Mesa

If it were not for our commercial plumbers, local hotels would be a lot less comfortable and restaurants would be a lot less safe. We install and service commercial plumbing systems in Mira Mesa, San Diego. Our trained plumbers can provide services for schools, churches, office buildings, and even industrial plumbing systems. We work on commercial water heaters, grease traps, pipes, drains, and anything you need including new construction plumbing design and service.

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