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I hired Don Gomez, J GEYER PLUMBING to cut out my broken shower arm inside of wall, and rebuild with new parts today. The jobs were done great and quick with an awesome price!. I feel lucky, after a few days searching around, I finally find out a right technical in a right company to get the jobs done.

- Kevin Z. from San Diego, CA

Great people to work with! knowledgeable and prompt response ! Don't even think of calling anyone else !!!!

- Moris from San Diego, CA

I had a backed up main drain in a commercial building that I lease. Geyer plumbing came out not long after calling, sent a camera down the main drain where roots were found to be causing a blockage. They pulled the camera out and sent down an auger to clear the roots out, then sent the camera down to make sure the pipe was in good shape. Satisfied with the pipe condition they then used a foaming root kill product guaranteed to last one year at keeping roots from growing back. Now each year just add the root kill. This is far less costly then digging up the street and replacing pipe that could still have future root problems. They had everything they needed on their truck making for a fast repair and getting the drain and restaurant up and running again with little down time all at a very reasonable price. I will continue to use J Geyer plumbing for any plumbing issues I may have in the future, including my home.

- Steve from Lakeside, CA

Great group, very professional.

- Shamus from San Diego, CA