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UV Water Purifiers in San Diego, CA

What's one of the most effective ways to kill germs? Surprisingly, you can kill germs by exposing them to something you make contact with every time you step outside in daylight: ultraviolet light. UV rays make us warm, help us tan, and, surprising to some, may help to keep us healthy. Ultraviolet lights are used to purify water and air for many medical purposes and even to treat sewage water.

And now, the same lights are available to clean the water coming in to your home. Kill off germs with the help of our UV water purifier installations from some of the top brands on the market. We offer complete ultraviolet water treatment services in San Diego, CA from prompt plumbers trained to give you the best in customer service. Hire J Geyer Plumbing, Inc.! Call us today to schedule UV water purifier services in San Diego, CA and the surrounding area.

How UV Water Purifiers Work

So what exactly is a UV water purifier? It’s simple. The UV light system is installed where the public water supply begins to enter your home, near the water meter. That way, all of the water making its way into your home is purified.

Any germs within the water, such as bacteria and viruses that make you sick, pass by the UV light’s rays. These ultraviolet rays can kill small organisms, or microorganisms, on contact (but won’t harm your family in small quantities. This renders them sterile, meaning they cannot reproduce, so they are safe to ingest.

What Contaminants Require Water Purification?

Many people ask us why they should add a water treatment system to their plumbing. Shouldn’t the municipal water treatment system get rid of all of the contaminants that concern families in our area? Do we really need a backup system to clean pretreated water?

Unfortunately, the water treatment plants cannot always catch any pollutant that may harm you or your family before it comes to the pipes. This includes coliform bacteria and other germs that are not only harmful to those with compromised immune systems, but also to those of us who do not have any pre–existing conditions.

Selecting a Water Purifier

You have a few different options when it comes to new water treatment system installation. There’s the reverse osmosis system, one of the most effective treatment methods known to science today, but it can be a bit expensive.

Whole–house water filters are also an option, and we recommend this to many homeowners. However you do have to change the filter cartridges frequently. Besides, water filtration systems are mainly installed to keep sediment and particulate out of the water, while many germs pass through.

UV water purifiers are able to kill off some of the biggest risks to our health. The light does not block the flow of water which means you only need to replace it when the UV light burns out or after its recommended lifespan is up.

Hire J Geyer for Water Treatment and UV Purifiers

Contact us when you need water treatment services in San Diego, CA. An ultraviolet water purifier can make a difference in your home, no matter how big your family is or what filtration methods you already have in place.

You can count on J Geyer Plumbing, Inc.. Our friendly team does not use pushy sales tactics to sell you a system you don’t need. We’re in this to make sure your family members are healthy and happy, so give us a call today!