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Water Filtration Systems in San Diego, CA

Water filters come in many shapes and sizes. There are water filters that attach to the end of a sink faucet. There are those that stay out-of-view underneath the sink. Most commonly, people use filters for the water that they drink, so a filtered water pitcher may be kept in the refrigerator.

None of these options compare to the power and ease-of-use of a whole house water filtration system. And the best whole house water filters are only available from expert plumbers with experience selecting and installing all different types of water treatment systems. J Geyer Plumbing, Inc. is your best choice when it comes to plumbing systems and water treatment services in San Diego, CA. Let our Dependable, professional, and Innovative plumbers find the right solution for your water filtration needs. Give us a call to schedule water filtration services in San Diego, CA and the surrounding area.

Comparing Whole–House Water Filtration and Other Clean Water Solutions

Let’s take a look and compare the different types of water filters and purifiers you might use to protect your family’s health or improve the taste and smell of your drinking water.

Bottled Water

Whew! This is an expensive solution. In addition, bottled water is not good for the environment, as you probably know. What you may not know is that some brands of bottled water have been shown to contain more contaminants then the water that comes straight from the top.

Filtered Water Pitchers

Using a filtered pitcher may be less costly overall than purchasing bottled waters, but it’s a hassle to refill.

Point–of–Use Filters

This includes filters that attach to the end of the faucet and those installed underneath the sink (something that a plumber can do for you). A point–of–use filter cleans the water coming through a single tap in your home, but what about the water you use for cleaning and other important parts of your daily routine?

Whole–Home Water Filtration System

You use water to brush your teeth, take a shower, wash your face, and clean your clothes and dishes. Wouldn’t you prefer the water running throughout your home to be as clean as the water from the kitchen sink? With a whole–house water filtration system from J Geyer Plumbing, Inc., you know that the water running throughout your home is nearly as clean as it can be.

Reverse Osmosis System

Finally, although it’s not accurate to describe this as a filter, a reverse osmosis system is the most effective water purification system you can have. It removes sediment and debris, chemicals, and many of the pollutants that worry you the most.

Choosing the right water filtration system for your home is a tough job, but that’s why our plumbers are here. Reach out to our team for more information about available water treatment systems or to schedule an appointment today.

Our Water Filtration Services

We offer complete maintenance services for your water treatment systems as well. And when you choose us for your annual plumbing inspection and service we can take a look at your water treatment systems and ensure that everything is running smoothly. We may recommend new filter cartridges, or help you to maintain them if you’re having trouble.

J Geyer Plumbing, Inc. is a reliable team of plumbers who are continuously trained on all types of systems. We’ve been in service for over a decade, and you can trust us to clean up your water quality in San Diego, CA.