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Call Our Encinitas, CA Plumbers!

Do you know who to trust when your plumbing system fails you? Our trained, licensed, and insured plumbers can do the job faster and with greater accuracy and somebody without the proper training, like the typical handyman. Most importantly, we are a company that cares.

We provide excellent customer service from the moment you pick up the phone. That’s true whether you need complete home repiping, or just a repair for a blocked–up toilet. Reach out to J Geyer Plumbing, Inc. today for your plumbing repair, installation, maintenance, or replacement in Encinitas, CA, and trust our plumbers to do the job right. Call us today to schedule plumbing services in Encinitas, CA and the surrounding area.

Plumbing Services in Encinitas, CA

We don’t assume our plumbers know everything there is to know the moment we hire them. The industry is always changing and growing, and new technologies and products deserve new attention from time to time. We provide ongoing training for all of our plumbers so you can expect that any plumbing installation or service is done properly. Call us for any plumbing service, no matter the size, and expect professionalism every time.

When Your Drain and Sewer System Needs Repair…

...Don’t wait to call an expert. Clogged drains and other small plumbing issues around the home may be seen as potential DIY projects, but major backup in the sink, drain repair, sewer cleaning, and other major sewer services like tree root removal require an expert to help ASAP. Otherwise, the issue make it much worse, and nobody wants to deal with backup or leakage from a drain and sewer system.

Water Heater Services in Encinitas, CA

Need routine flushing for your water heater tank? Considering upgrading to a tankless water heater, heat pump water heater, or even a solar water heater? We offer water heater repair and installation in Encinitas, CA. Our repairs stand the test of time, and our new installations are at the top of their class. We believe in being green, so we want to help you save energy and save money in the process. Call us for your next water heater installation or service.

Water Treatment Types and Services

There are several ways to treat the water coming into your home. While many people choose a point–of–use filter to clean the water they drink, this simply isn’t as effective as a whole–home water treatment option. Whole–house water treatment systems include conventional water filtration systems and cartridges. You can also get a UV water purifier to target bacteria and viruses or a reverse osmosis system, one of the most effective water purifiers on the market.

Commercial Plumbing in Southern California

Don’t let your commercial plumbing system get serviced by just anyone. With all of the pipes and fixtures on your commercial property, and all of the people relying on them each and every day, they deserve the attention of a plumber who specializes in this area. Luckily, we are commercial plumbing contractors licensed to work in Encinitas, CA. That means that we can provide services for commercial and industrial plumbing, along with new construction plumbing when you’re planning a property.