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Tank Water Heaters in San Diego, CA

A water heater is an investment, and you want to see that yours is protected. The best team for the job is at J Geyer Plumbing, Inc.. We install hot water tanks of all sizes from some of the top brands in the industry, and we make sure the job is done properly the first time around. We can show up promptly for water heater repair and use our continuous training and expertise to pinpoint the problem faster.

We also install heat pump water heater tanks and tankless water heaters, but the conventional water heater tank is by far our most popular option. Call us today and learn why so many people trust us for their plumbing and water heater needs in San Diego, CA. Schedule service for your tank water heater today.

Why a Tank Water Heater Could Be Your Best Option

We know that there are many different options available out there for your new water heater installation. Tankless water heaters have made great strides in recent years, and we may recommend one for your home. Still, a regular tank water heater can be an excellent choice if it’s properly installed and serviced.

  • Tank water heaters tend to be the least expensive option for new water heater installation.
  • It should last for over a decade with proper maintenance—and maintenance for tank water heaters is relatively straightforward.
  • If you’ve never had problems with a tank water heater before, why make the switch?

Choosing the Right Tank Water Heater

Choosing the right tank water heater for your home can be a difficult undertaking, which is why our experts are always happy to help. There are a few things we think any homeowner should know, though, before beginning the process of making a selection.

First, you’ll have to choose one that’s the right size for your home, something an expert plumber can help you to figure out.

Then, there are matters of efficiency and, of course, fuel type. While an electric tank water heater may cost less to install, it does cost more to run, so it’s not a decision to be made lightly. Gas tank water heaters are not right for every home either, but we want to help you out from the beginning.

Signs Your Tank Water Heater Needs Repair of Replacement

Your hot water tank may be located in an area out of your view, but there are still signs you shouldn’t ignore that indicate a water heater is struggling to do its job.

  • Low hot water output
  • A rattling or banging noise from the tank
  • Low water pressure when you use hot water
  • Any signs of a leak

Call Us for Water Heater Services in San Diego, CA

Just make sure you call a San Diego plumber quickly, so that a potential leak does not damage your property, and in order to avoid potentially dangerous pressure levels. Call us for water heater services and know that the job will be done the right way. Contact us today to request an estimate on water heater services in San Diego, CA and the surrounding area.

When you need a new water heater, we are happy to talk you through the options and make sure you have one that suits your home. When you need water heater repairs, we will keep you updated throughout the process. Hire J Geyer Plumbing, Inc. today!